Lower Cost Rewards That Work

The beauty of MahaloHR is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to create an employee recognition program that really works. Here are some of our favorite lower cost rewards.

VIP Parking – who doesn’t want to have a prime parking spot when they pull into work in the morning or leave at the end of a long day?

Extra Time Off – what better way to reward great work than to give a little extra paid time off?

Pick for Your Palette At the Next Team/ Company Event – do you already have a regular team or company gathering where you serve drinks and/or food? This reward will empower your hard worker to pick the food and beverages being dished out.

Charitable Donation – It feels good to give back. Help employees by offering charitable donations in your rewards store. Donate money on their behalf to the charity of their choosing.

Lunch with a member of the Leadership Team – Offer lunch with a member of the leadership team and pick up the tab!

Artwork for their work space – it’s important that we all feel good in the space we are in. Offer rewards in the store that help your employees to decorate their space. Maybe it’s a decorator’s budget of $50 to be spent at an online art store for their personal space or designate a wall in the office that they can decorate and see what they come up with!

Design some company swag – have some creative talent? Offer rewards in the store that let your hard workers design a piece of company swag – t-shirt, coffee mug, sweatshirt – whatever will get used by your organization the most.

Utilize Raffles. Raffles are unique to MahaloHR. Instead of using their Mahalo earnings to directly purchase an item in the company store, employees will purchase raffle ticket(s) for them.

  • Lower Costs and Create Extra Buzz: Raffles not only greatly reduce the cost per reward to your organization but also keep employees engaged all raffle long as they wait to see who will win.
  • Completely Customizable: You can raffle off anything – gift cards, cultural perks, sports or event tickets, all-expense paid vacations etc. – and can customize the length of the raffle to align best with your business cycle. MahaloHR will automatically select a winner at random from all the entries at the time you specify.

If time permits, ask your team! The best way to make sure your store contains attractive rewards for your organization is to ask your employees what they’d like in it.


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