Rewards Store Best Practices

MahaloHR has valuable rewards for every budget. Your store comes pre-stocked with hundreds of gift cards but we recommend adding in company specific rewards to really get your teams engaged. The best rewards stores have a mixture of types and costs of rewards. Here’s a breakdown of what we’ve seen work best….

  • Make the majority of items attainable within one month’s earnings. The bulk of the items in your store should cost less than one month’s mahalo allowance. (Our default allowance is 100 Mahalos a month). You can have a select few that require employees to save up their earnings over a couple of months (say 200 Mahalos), but you want to make sure all rewards feel attainable.
  • Offer cultural perks. Rewards don’t have to be expensive. Some of the most highly sought after rewards are company perks such as a prime parking space, half-day Friday, name a conference room, or company swag.  
  • Use Raffles! Unique to MahaloHR is the ability to have raffle items in your company store. Instead of using their Mahalo earnings to directly purchase an item in the company store, employees will purchase raffle ticket(s) for them. Raffles not only greatly reduce the cost per reward to your organization but also keep employees engaged all raffle long as they wait to see who will win. You can raffle off anything – gift cards, cultural perks, sports or event tickets, all-expense paid vacations etc. – and can customize the length of the raffle to align best with your business cycle. Many businesses run raffles quarterly to keep things simple.
  • Solicit requests for store items from your employees. The best way to make sure your store contains attractive rewards for your organization is to ask your employees what they’d like to see in it. Our catalog comes pre-stocked with thousands of gift cards but what else resonates most?

Have other things worked well for you? Let us know! We love to share our customers’ success tips with others.

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